The Hoist

When working with/on machines and motors from 400 - 1000 kg it's very convenient to have an hoist. The nicest would have been a system mounted on the two longest walls of the shop with one movable beam square to the walls. But this implicates that nothing can be mounted on the shopwalls or direct under the ceiling between 2400+ mm and 2600+ mm that is to much toll for the occasional use of the hoistingsystem. So I decided on two seperate beams.

There is one beam over the oilchangepit to lift a motor out off a car or to lift something of a trailer. There is a second beam in the back of the shop to assist in disassembling heavy machines and to lift objects on the workbench. In between I can put it all on rollers.

I wanted to keep as much free hight in the shop as possible so I mounted the beams between the girders.

There is a continoues TL-lightsection on the left side of the shop. Above the workbench, I made one lightsection detachable.

Hoist installation

In order to mount the beams from the inside and with no welding on the spot involved, I had the constructioncompanie make a bolted joint near the wall in the beam. Looking at the drawing and pictures gives a clear view. I used a manual tubing-forklift to install the beams.

The long section, first a paintjob

Bolted in place between the girders
The short section
The manual lift
The lift is topped up in order to get between the girders