MONARCH 10EE (1948) home
Transport from Norway to the Netherlands

As the former owner stated on the forum "The Monarch has found a new home" . I'm glad it has become my home.
The only problem that was left was the distance. about a 1400 km trip From the Netherlands to Norway and back the same distance. It was possible to do it on the road but up north there can be a lot of snow this time of year. I wasn't planning to find out if I liked northpole expeditions so I choose the easy way and travelled by boat the last part of the voyage, from Kiel in the northern of Germany to Oslo.
It turned out that the ferry was only a few months old and it was more like a luxurious cruiseship then a car-ferry.
The large windows on the back are from the restaurant. The cabins were very nice with a bed just as comfortable as at home. (it was a 19 hours crossing)


Let's say no more, the restaurant from the inside with oceanview at sealevel.
Not only a perfect a-la-cart dinner was served here but also the breakfast. I guess this is better then business-class , this is monarch-class.


Here we are already loaded at the sellers residence. We got a lovely meal (it's an unusual option but this lathe was sold including a dinner)
Luckily we had snowchains on the tires, we could barely make it up and down the frozen hills with the heavy load.

And here it's back on the ship. The way back was on a sistership which was exactly the same as the first one.
Cardeck on ferry


Here is a peek in the shelter that I build around the lathe. It was still a 400 km long drive from Kiel to the Netherlands.
Protection from the rain with only a coversheet would have damaged the beautiful paint.
10ee in shelter on trailer


I unloaded it the same way as it was loaded, with a double 1 Ton chain hoist.
10ee on trailer


Mark the lessons learned:
Even a long and heavy road to travel can be turned into a much to short joyfull holidaytrip !