This is a list of manuals I have available. A lot of them are still available on the internet. If I remembered the location or person that send it to me I put it in the last column.
If you have a request for one please refer to the number in front of the manual. I would like to have more manuals on Monarch, Weilers (matador / Condor etc), Hembrug and on Deckel. Also I'm looking for the video on the handling of Barden bearings.

0377VHF 3 toolingabene-vhf3-manual 0377-abene-vhf3-manual.pdf (8.0 Mb)Spencer
0378VHF 3 partslistabene-vhf3-partslist 0378-abene-vhf3-parts.pdf (20.0 Mb)spencer
0042- manualspiral milling instructions jpg-set (33.0 Mb)ole
0165F1 infopublished article HJ HJ Published ArticleNEW.pdf (2.0 Mb)jmw
0139F1 manualaciera f1 manual 0139-acieraf1doc.pdf (146.0 Mb) 
0173f3 manual0173-aciera-F3klein.pdf 0173-aciera-F3klein.pdf (13.0 Mb)cor
0250F3 manualaciera F3 early model 0250-ACIERA F3 manual, oer F3.pdf (8.2 Mb)Henny B
0251F3 partslistexploded vieuws 0251-Aciera F3 exploded vieuws.pdf (7.4 Mb)Henny B
0252F31986manualF3 1986 (vierkant model) 0252-Aciera F3 manual 1986 (vierkant model).pdf (23.5 Mb)Henny B
0253F3 manualF3 manual rond model 0253-Aciera F3 manual rond model.pdf (13.2 Mb)Henny B
0255F3 partslistF3 ersatzteilliste F3 ersatzteilliste (0.4 Mb)Henny B
0256F31962infoF3 anschluss schema ACIERA F3 origineel aansluitschema.pdf (6.2 Mb)Henny B
0254F3 F3R F3V brochureaciera f3 broschuere Folder F3 (0.4 Mb)Henny B
0249F3 F3S F3R1951manualAciera F3 1951 + pruefkarte 0249-ACIERA F3 manual 2 rond model.pdf (10.7 Mb)Henny B
0039F4 brochureF4 brochure  ole
0040F4 brochureAciera f4 brochure nieuw  ole
0038F4 manualaciera f4 manual aciera_f4_manual.pdf (17.0 Mb)?
0041F41958manualaciera F4 manual 1958 jpg-set (13.0 Mb)ole
0164F5 infoaciera F5 proofdocuments 17922854-Aciera-Proof-Documents.pdf (4.0 Mb)Jackson H
0163F5 CNC manualaciera F5 cnc manual 17895103-ACIERA-F5-CNC-MANUAL.pdf (33.0 Mb)Jackson H
 AI Hembrug
0198B1 - B41957 +/-manualboormachine B1-B4 0198 AI Boormachine B1 en B4002.pdf (7.5 Mb)henny b
0012DR1 manualbedieningsvoorschrift en onderdelen cat. 0012-ai-dr1-manual.pdf (14.2 Mb) 
0199DR11966manualbedieningsvoorschrift voor type Dr1 0199 AI dr1 bedieningsvoorschrift 1966.pdf (34.8 Mb)henny b
0286DR11961manualbedieningsvoorschrift voor dr 1 0286-Bedieningsvoorschrift DR1.pdf (11.0 Mb)gerard
0200DR1S manualbedieningsvoorschrift en onderdelencat. 0200 AI dr1s servicemanual en partslist.pdf (25.9 Mb)henny b
0287DR1S partslistOnderdelencatalogus DR1S 0287-Onderdelencatalogus DR1.pdf (11.0 Mb)gerard
0013FR1 type A manualfreesmachine FR1 manual FR1 fig 1.jpg (2.4 Mb)jan
0014FR1 type A-D1969manualfreesmachine FR1 manual 0014-AI freesbank bedieningsvoorschrift.pdf (0.8 Mb)fred
0015schaafbank1967manualSchaafbank recht bed aischaafmanual-a5.PDF (0.7 Mb)den tukker mmv peter
0016schaafbank1964 / 1965manualsterke arm schaafmachine schuin bed AI schaafbank bedieningsvoorschrift.pdf (0.8 Mb)fred
0005U1 manualU1 tool & cuttergrinder hembrug u1 manual.pdf (10.1 Mb)den tukker
0011U1 brochureU1 t&c grinder brochure green Brochure Lindeteves Hembrug U1.pdf (1.9 Mb)den tukker
0114U1 / U2 coursepractische oefeningen universeel slijpen universeel slijpen cursus.pdf (8.5 Mb)Den Tukker
0003U1 U2+/- 1956manualU1-U2 tool & cutter grinder 0003-ai hembrug u2 manual.pdf (5.5 Mb)den tukker
0004U21971 +/-manualU2 tool & cutter grinder (german) u2 manual du.pdf (6.0 Mb)den tukker
0007U21957brochureU2 t&c grinder brochure green folder-u2-groen.pdf (1.6 Mb)den tukker
0008U2 brochureU2 t&c grinder brochure groen folder-u2-groen-du.pdf (5.0 Mb)den tukker
0006U21958manualreliefgrinding tool ai-achterslijper.pdf (1.2 Mb)den tukker
0010U2 brochurecoolomat folder coolomat nevelkoeler.pdf (1.2 Mb)den tukker
0009U2 U11963manualU2 U1 t&c grinder brochure silver-red folder-u1-u2.pdf (21.0 Mb)den tukker
006427-100 manualdelta Milwaukee 7" shaper AMMCO-27-100.pdf (1.0 Mb)don kinzer
0065S7B-2 manualAtlas Manual S7B-2 Atlas Manual S7B-2.pdf (11.0 Mb)paul
0066S7B-2 info7" shaper repair partslist Atlas-shaper.pdfdon kinzer
American Tool Works
0043  infoatw accuracy bulletin atw-accuracy-bulletin-3.pdf (9.0 Mb) 
0044  bulletintoolroom lathes bulletin 1926 atw-toolroom-lathes-1926-circular-4a.pdf (10.0 Mb) 
0135  infobaloni drawings Baloni draaibank.pdf (1.0 Mb)ber
0222  manualbiax power scrapers 0222-biax scraper.pdf (6.8 Mb) 
Boyar Schulz
0068612 618 partslistbs challenger 612 618 partslist boyarschulz_List___JC.pdfjim c
0069challenger manualmanual challenger 1973 boyarschulz_Manual___JC.pdf (5.0 Mb)jim c
0231- manualoperatormanual - round ram turret millin Round Ram - Turrent Milling Machine.pdf (21.9 Mb)Metalillness
0229acc brochurebridport attachments catalog 30 attachments Cat 30.pdf (2.8 Mb)bbssystem
0230acc brochurebridgeport milling attachments bridegprt_hs_attachments.pdf (5.1 Mb)bbssystem
0233acc1985manualBridgeport QuickChange tooling Bridgeport_QckChng-tooling.pdf (8.5 Mb)bbssystem
0224BRJ BR2J21979manualbridgeport-manual bridgeport-manual.pdf (8.2 Mb)bbssystem
0070BRJ/BR2J2 manualbridgeport manual Bridgeport-Cleaned.pdf (4.0 Mb) 
0223J BRJ1966manualbridgeport manual 1966 1966Bridgeportmanual.pdf (3.0 Mb)bbssystem
0228J2001948infohead drawing halfsize J200 jhead_huge.pdf (1.0 Mb)bbssystem
0225M 105H1981manualmanual bridgport M 105H bpmanualm105h.pdf (2.4 Mb)bbssystem
0226M105 manualbridgeport series 1 milling machine M105_Series1.pdf (3.3 Mb)bbssystem
0234miling machine infospec sheet milingmachine series1_spec sheet.pdf (0.1 Mb)bbssystem
0232turret milling machi1942infopatent turretmilling machine Bridgeport Patent 2275291-01.pdf (1.0 Mb)bbssystem
Brown & Sharpe
0235 1898infoconstruction and use of millingmachines 0235-treatiseonconstr00browrich.pdf (67.0 Mb) 
0279618 micromaster manualBS manual MICROMASTER 618 grinder 0279-26413286-B-S-MICROMASTER-6-18-GRINDER.pdf (27.7 Mb)jackson h
0071grinder 1,2,3 and 4 partslistB&S universal grinder partslist B_and_S_Universal_Grinder_Parts.pdf (2.0 Mb) 
0322no 1 - 5 partslistgeneral partslist 0322-brownsharpe-no3-mill-accessories-csections.pdf (4.7 Mb)chipmaker
0324no 2 manualoperation and maintenance no 2 0324-bsno2millmanual.pdf (8.1 Mb)chipmaker
0227no 20 miller manualB&S No 20 Universal Mill manual 0227-19822.0.No 20 Universal Mill.pdf (7.5 Mb)kay fisher (nemes)
0323no 3 brochureno 3 Vertical Spindle Milling Machine 0323-bsno3millmanual.pdf (2.6 Mb)chipmaker
0072BK2 manualburgess BK2 bandsaw manual burgess BK2 bandsaw.jpgden tukker
0074millingmachine no4 manualBurke army technical manual BurkeNo4ArmyTM.pdf 
0150shapers infoButler shapers brochure butler-brochure.pdf (19.0 Mb)den tukker (mmv Jan
0073BV20L manualbv20l benchlathe manual butler-brochure.pdf (4.0 Mb)hans-willi
0159resh 450/200 brochureCarstens resh 450-200 broch carstens-resh-450-200-brochure.pdf (4.0 Mb)den Tukker (mmv Luc
0374360 HBX1967manualbetriebsanleitung fuer drehbank 360HBX 0374-cazeneuve-360hbx-german.pdf (25.0 Mb) 
0075hbx360 manualcazeneuve hbx360 manual cazeneuve_hbx360_manual.pdf (7.0 Mb)ole
Celtic (Mondial)
0076celtic 12 manualceltic 12 manual celtic12.pdf (2.0 Mb)Rudy
0176celtic 12 inforisicoanalyse celtic 12 0176 Risicoanalyse Celtic 12 en 14.doc (2.0 Mb)rudy
0174celtic 12N manualhandleiding celtic 12 nieuw 0174 Celtic 12 nieuw.pdf (2.0 Mb)rudy
0170#1 grinder manual#1 cutter and toolgrinder manual 14349.0.cutter and toolgrinder.pdf (3.0 Mb)Kay F / nemes
0168#2 t&c grinder manualN2 grinder manual cincinnatie-no2-T&C-grinder.pdf (72.0 Mb)Jackson H
0169monoset manualmonoset grinder cincinnatie mono.pdf (7.0 Mb)Jackson H
0166T&C no 1 manualmanual T&C grinder no 1 cincinnati no 1 T&C Grinder.pdf (28.0 Mb)Jackson H
0167toolmaster1956manualtoolmaster millingmachine 1956 0167-cincinnatie toolmaster.pdf (15.0 Mb)Jackson H
0321Mk I Mk II manualClarkson MkI MkII t&c grinder operators Clarkson MK II.pdf (11.0 Mb)rene
0077student manualmanual colchester student colchester student.pdf. (4.0 Mb) 
0337triumph 20001973 ?manualColchester triumph 2000 manual 0337-colchestertriumph2000.pdf (68.0 Mb)jan p
Costante Paradisi
0078indexinghead infocospar indexinghead dividing tables 0078-cospar-a2-tabellen.PDF (3.2 Mb)den tukker
0079BSD930093-4manualbeltsander manual creusen manual.pdf (0.2 Mb)den tukker
Danish Machine Company
0273huron1965manualmanual huron0 0273-Huron 1.pdf (8.5 Mb)soren
Dean Smith Grace
017913-1 16sb infolubrication chart 0179 deansmithgrace-lubrication.pdf (2.0 Mb) 
018025p manualoperator 0180 Dean Smith Grace 25P (Monarch).pdf (7.7 Mb)hans
0269 1978brochureDeckel leverprogramma 1978 0269 deckel leverprogramma 1978.pdf (0.3 Mb)den tukker mmv peter
0342 1986 aprilinfoDialog 4 SerialInterface Manual 0342-Dialog4SerialInterfaceIO.pdf (0.2 Mb)martin p
0341  manualDialog 1,2,3 SerialInterfaceManual 0341-D123SerialInterfaceManual.pdfmartin p
0343 1983-01manualSinumerik 3M Programming Instructions 0343-Sinumerik3MProgrammingInstructions.pdf (2.0 Mb)martin p
0344 1982 - 04manualSinumerik 3 Operating Instructions 0344-Sinumerik3Operating Instructions.pdf (3.0 Mb)martin p
0138acc1969brochureBroschuere Eckenfraeskopf 0138-deckel-accessoirebrochure-eckenfraeskopf.pdf (0.6 Mb)den tukker
0141acc1972manualdeckel eckenfraeskopf 0141 eckenfraeskopf 72.pdf (0.2 Mb) 
0142acc1972infoschwenkbarer rundtisch 0142 schwenkbarer rundtisch 72.pdf (0.3 Mb)Den Tukker
0017E3 manualDeckel E3 manual  vitalij
0028FP11935brochuredeckel prospekt 1935 deckel_Prospekt 1935.jpg-set (3.0 Mb)martin p
0027FP1 manualBedienungsanleitung Deckel FP1 Bedienungsanleitung Deckel FP1.pdf (11.8 Mb)erich m
0023FP11938brochureFP1 salesbrochure FP1_brochure_1938.pdf (18.6 Mb) 
0025FP11941manual1941 manual deckel_anleitung_41.pdf (3.9 Mb)
0026FP11960manualDeckel FP1 1960 manual deckel_Anleitung_60er.pdf (8.2 Mb)www/
0021FP11973manualDeckel FP1 1973 manual Deckel_Anleitung_73.pdf (11.8 Mb)
0022FP11972partslistDeckel FP1 ersatzteile 1972 deckel_ersatzteile_72.pdf (2.0 Mb)
0024FP11950partslistDeckel FP1 ersatzteile 1950 deckel_ersatzteile_50er.pdf (2.2 Mb)
0036FP1 manualDeckel FP1 manual (dial type) FP1 manual.pdf (12.5 Mb)tony a
0037FP11966brochure Deckel FP1 brochure 1966 deckel FP1 broch 66.pdf (13.6 Mb)tony a
0020FP2 manualDeckel FP2 double dial type deckel FP2 manual de.pdf (29.8 Mb)den tukker
0018FP21972-7manualDeckel FP2 single dial type deckel fp2 72 manual de.pdf (24.9 Mb)den tukker
0127FP2 partslistDeckel FP2 ersatzteillist FP2Ersatzteilliste.pdf (37.8 Mb)erik
0128FP21974partslistDeckel FP2 partsmanual (1974) 0128-Deckel FP2 Parts Manual (1974).pdf (15.7 Mb)den tukker
0019FP21969partslistDeckel accessoires 1969 deckel-accessoires fr.pdf (11.8 Mb)den tukker
0100FP21969partslistDeckel accessoires 1969 deckel-accessoires-69.pdf (7.8 Mb)tony a
0137FP21962infoFP2 schaltschrank plan 0137-deckel-fp2-schaltschrank.pdf (0.4 Mb)den tukker
0140FP2 infodigital montage anweisung 0140-digitaal1.jpg (1.0 Mb) 
0143FP21970infofp2 awf maschinenkarte 0143-deckel fp2 awf maschinenkarte.pdf (0.5 Mb)Den Tukker
0268FP21978manualdeckel manual FP2 1978 fr 0268-deckel-man-FP2-1978-frans.pdf (20.3 Mb)den tukker mmv peter
0270FP2 manualdeckel FP2 manual swedish 0270-deckel-FP2-manual-swe.pdf (11.8 Mb)den tukker mmv Peter
0271FP21960manualdeckel FP2 1960 manual frans 0271-deckel-fp2-1960-manual-frans.pdf (10.5 Mb)den tukker mmv Peter
0310FP21968manualDeckel FP2 Handbuch Deckel FP2 Handbuch.pdf (30.0 Mb)Julius
0336FP2A1987-3manual0336-Handbuch Deckel FP2NC mit Contour 3 0336-Handbuch Deckel FP2NC mit Contour 3 dt.pdf (69.0 Mb)Julius
0340FP2NC manualNC manual Siemens 3M 0340-Deckel NC manual Siemens 3M.pdf (2.0 Mb)martin p
0257FP31968 - 1970manualFP3_Betriebsanleitung1968.pdf 0257-FP3_Betriebsanleitung1968.pdf (11.2 Mb)martin p
0258FP31979partslistpartslist 0258-Ersatzteilplan_FP3.pdf (7.1 Mb)martin p
0306FP3 double dial1971brochuredeckel fp3 brochure 0306-deckel-fp3-info.pdf (14.0 Mb)Georgi
0203G1L manualuniversal schriften gravier fraes maschi Deckel_G1L_Pantograph_01p (2.6 Mb)e-engraving
0372G1L infoAWF Maschinenkarte G1L 0372-Maschinenkarte-G1L.pdf (1.0 Mb)Michael
0371G1U G1L manualBedienungsanleitung G1U _ G1L 0371-Bedienungsanleitung Deckel G1U _ G1L.pdf (17.0 Mb)Michael
0029GK12 / GK21 manualDeckel GK12 / GK21 manual Deckel_GK12_and_GK21_User_Manual_page_01 (11.0 Mb)e-engraving
0030GK21941manualdeckel GK2 1941 gk2.pdf (17.6 Mb)stahlflamme
0129S1 manualdeckel s1 grinder manual Deckel S1-1.pdf (9.7 Mb)tony a
0035SO infoDeckel slijpinstructie (Gerfa) Slijpinstructie Deckel frezenslijper.pdf (1.3 Mb)jan b
0187SO manualDeckel/Old Style S0 Grinder Deckel/Old Style S0 Grinder[1].pdf (8.8 Mb) 
Michael Deckel
0370S01998-9manualdeckel s0 manual 0370-deckelS0_d.pdf (2.0 Mb)ernst
0031so partslistso partslist 0031-DECKELSOPARTS.PDF (0.5 Mb)gti-usa
0184SO manualDeckel SO in Franse taal003 0184 Deckel SO in Franse taal003.pdf (22.5 Mb)henny
0186SO infomichael deckel so specs 0186 Deckel_SO_Spec.pdf (0.1 Mb) 
0185SO SOE brochureMichael Deckel SO brochure 0185 Deckel_SO.pdf (1.7 Mb) 
0033SOE partslistsoe partsmanual 0033-DECKELSOEPARTS.PDF (0.8 Mb)gti-usa
0032SOE manual SOE T&C grinder manual 0032-Deckel SOE T&C grinder.pdf (2.7 Mb)richard
0034SOE manualdeckel soe anleitung 0034-AnleitungDeckelSOE.pdf (1.8 Mb)martin p
Denford Machine Tool
0352TDS1 mk II brochurebrochure viceroy DV-TDS1 mkII 0352-DV-TDS1_mkII.pdfnils
0353TSD1 / 1GB manualviceroy TSD1 manual (1.0 Mb)nils
0351Viceroy DV/TDS1 brochurebrochure Viceroy DV/TDS1 0351-DV-TDS1_1GB_mkII.pdfNils
0220bender manualdiacro art of bending 0220-diacro_art_of_bending_part1.pdf (9.6 Mb)ieracer
Drummond Bros
0334  infolathework 0334-drumm-lathe-work.pdf (3.0 Mb)model-engineer
03303 1/2" center lathe brochurespecial attachments for 3 1/2" drummond 0340-drumm-3-acc.pdf (2.0 Mb)model-engineer
03313 1/2" center lathe brochuredrummond 3 1/2" center lathe 0331-drumm-3-man.pdf (1.0 Mb)model-engineer
03324" lathe toolingspecial attachments for use on the drumm 0332-drumm-4-acc.pdf (1.0 Mb)model-engineer
03334" lathe manualthe drummond 4" lathe 0333-drumm-4-man.pdf (1.0 Mb)model-engineer
0149562 563 564 manualdubied 562 563 564 manual dubied-562-563-564-manual.pdf (5.2 Mb)den tukker mmv Luc H
0152564 563 infodubied-zubehoer-arbeitsbeispiele dubied-zubehoer-arbeitsbeispiele.pdf (4.3 Mb)den tukker mmv Luc H
036851 manualfraiseuse universelle no 51 0368-dufour51.pdf (6.0 Mb) 
0108AR5E manualelite ar5e grinder jpg-set (8.1 Mb) 
0145Compact 101983manualuser manual engels Emco compact 10 user manual (4.9 Mb)luuk
0147Compact 10 partslistEmco Compact 10 teilelist Emco compact 10 Teile list (1.2 Mb)luuk
0146FB2 manualemco fb2 manual EMCO_FB_2-Serviceteile-du.pdf (5.6 Mb)luuk
0144hobbymat manualemco hobbymat emco-hobbymat-handleiding-nl (0.6 Mb) 
0148maximat mentor /V10P manualemco maximat Emco Maximat Mentor-duits.pdf (31.6 Mb)luuk
0311maximat super 11 manualmaximat super 11 instructionbook 0311-Super11_Beschr_EN.pdf (9.0 Mb)andrea
0290maximat v131977manualemco maximat V13 partslist 0290-emco-maximat-V13-partslist.pdf (3.0 Mb)jaap
0291maximat v131978brochureemco maximat v13 brochure 0291-emco-maximat-v13-brochure-1978-du.pdf (6.0 Mb)jaap
0292maximat V131978 ?toolingemco maximat v13 freeskolom betriebsanle 0292-emco-maximat-v13-freeskolom-betriebsanleitung.pdf (11.0 Mb)jaap
0293maximat V131978 ?partslistemco maximat V13-partslist 0293-emco-maximat-V13-partslist.pdf (10.0 Mb)jaap
0294maximat V131979brochureemco maximat v13 prijslijsten 1979-1983 0294-emco-maximat-v13-prijslijsten-1979-1983.pdf (3.0 Mb)jaap
0295Maximat V13 infoemco maximat v13 pruefprotokoll 0295-emco-maximat-v13-pruefprotokoll.pdfJaap
0296maximat v13 manualemco maximat v13 schmierplan teiltabelle 0296-emco-maximat-v13-schmierplan-teiltabelle.pdf (2.0 Mb)Jaap
0297maximat v13 manualemco maximat v13 stromlaufplan 0297-emco-maximat-v13-stromlaufplan.pdfjaap
0175unimat 3 manualunimat anleitung Unimat3-Manual-Page0-20.pdf (22.3 Mb)frans v n
0204unimat 3 partslistpartslist 0204-Unimat3-ServiceManual-Page0-32 (9.8 Mb)frans v n
0205unimat SL manualmanual unimat sl 0205-gebruiksaanwijzing unimat SL.pdf (8.4 Mb) 
Ernault Somua
0151AC1201975manualbetriebsanleitung und wartung 0151-ernault-somua-ac120-manual-I.pdf (6.5 Mb) 
Gould Eberhard
0202shapers manualoperating instructions ge1.jpg (3.5 Mb) 
0160SAG12 manualGraziano sag12 manual GrazianoSag12Manual_Press.pdf (17.1 Mb)Jim m
0161SAG121966infoSag 12 2-speed schematic Sag 12 2-speed schematic_a.pdf (0.5 Mb)jim m
0162SAG12 -210 - 22 brochuresales brochure 0162-16403461-GRAZIANO-LATHES.pdf (10.2 Mb)Jackson H
0248  infospindle brake adjustment Spindle Brake (late models).pdf (1.5 Mb)Jim C
0266 2005manualKnee Mills/FullManual 0266-FullManual.pdf 
02671330c2003manualbrochure hardinge 1330c milling machine 0267-1330C-brochure 2003.pdf 
0237acc manualHardinge Dividing Head Manual 0237-Hardinge_Div-head.pdf (29.0 Mb)morsetaper2
0244HC HCT1977manualoperator manual hardinge-hc-hct.pdf (1.4 Mb)dennis m
0325HLV1954manualinstructionbook HLV 0325-1.927136HardingeHLVUserManual-1954.pdf (5.5 Mb)chipmaker
0326HLV1954partslistpartslist HLV 0326-1.976864HardingeHLVPartsList.pdf (6.0 Mb)chipmaker
0239HLV-H manualoperators manual HLV-H 0239-Hardinge HLV-H Manual.pdf (4.8 Mb)modamag_std
0240HLV-H partslistpartslist Hardinge HLV-H Parts List.pdf (1.6 Mb)modagmag_std
0241HLV-H manualHardinge Operator Manual Hardinge Operator Manual Pt 1.pdf (11.4 Mb)Jim C
0243HLV-H infoserialnumbers HLV-H Hardinge HLV-H Serial Number.pdf (0.1 Mb)Jim C
0246HLV-H1974infopricelist HLV-H HLV-H_PriceList-1974.pdf (0.1 Mb)mike-henry
0247HLV-H infoHLV-H Schematic HLV-H Schematic.pdf (2.7 Mb)Jim C
0304HLV-H1984partslistHLVPartsBook 1984 0304-HLVPartsBook 1984.pdf (16.0 Mb)Georgi
0305HLV-H manualHardinge Maintenance Manual HLV-H 0305-Hardinge Maint Man HLV-H.pdf (16.0 Mb)Georgi
0245HV4 HV4N brochurecollet index fixtures HV4 HV-4N.pdf (1.6 Mb)Jim C
0236TL manualmaintenance and operation manual 0236-Hardinge-TL-Manual.pdf (2.1 Mb)morsetaper2
0238TL brochureHardinge TL Lathe Brochure 0238-Hardinge-TL-Lathe-Brochure.pdf (1.3 Mb)morsetaper2
0242TL infoserialnumber list TM-UM-HC(Early)-TL.jpg (0.1 Mb)peterh5322
0087ELP 50241986manualhaulin elp 5024 haulin elp.pdf (1.0 Mb) 
0367diehead manualthe book of the Coventry diehead 0367-CoventryDieHard.pdf (10.0 Mb) 
0081  infohercus textbook of turning 0081-Lathe-Tutorial.pdf (3.2 Mb)beerbotboffin
00809" manualhercus owners manual 0080-Hercus Owners Manual.pdf (14.9 Mb)beerbotboffin
0082UTH-1251981manualdividinghead uth 0081-hofmann-uth125.pdf (35.8 Mb)richard
0288M6AR M6A brochureImperia M6-AR brochure 0288-Imperia M6-AR.pdf (3.0 Mb)cor
0084sj12 manualhydraulische schleifmachine 0084-JakobsenSJ12.pdf (1.0 Mb)hydraulic gri
0155  infoschmiermittel tabellen 0155-gkarstens-schmiermitteltabellen.pdf (2.0 Mb) 
0154GMN tempo spindle manualManual GMN grinding spindle 0154-gkarstens-GMN-spindel-manual.pdf (2.3 Mb) 
0153US151953 +/-manualkarstens us15 manual gkarstens-us15-manual.pdf (3.6 Mb)den tukker mmv Luc H
0156US15 IS15 AS15 brochurebrochure 1 0156-gkarstens-us15-is15-as15-brochure-2.pdf (3.7 Mb)Den Tukker mmv Luc H
0157US15 IS15 AS151954brochurebrochure 0157-gkarstens-us15-is15-as15-brochure.pdf (3.4 Mb)Den Tukker (mmv Luc
0158zubehoer brochurezubehoer brochure 0158-gkarstens-zubehoer-brochure.pdf (1.7 Mb)Den Tukker (mmv Luc
0178LAM350BH manualoperating instructions Lantaine_Lathe Operation Instructions.pdf (24.9 Mb)hans
0320MLZ 4S23-10-1956manualBedienungsanweisung fuer MLZ 4S 0320-leinen_bedienungsanleitung-du.pdf (4.0 Mb)chipmaker
00868" shaper manuallogan 8" shaper 0086-Logan8.pdf (1.6 Mb)don kinzer
Lorch Schmidt & Co
0303AVI-K , AVII-K1963manual0303-lorch-p6.pdf 0303-lorch-p6.pdf (2.0 Mb)Youra
0329diverse1885 - 1965brochure0329-LORCH.rar 2010-7- 0329-LORCH.rar (51.0 Mb)chipmaker
0375D30 manualproductions feindrehbank D30 0374-cazeneuve-360hbx-german.pdf (25.0 Mb) 
0369DU40 manualbetriebsanleitung zur kleinen magdeburge 0369-magdeburg-du40-manual.pdf (27.0 Mb)ruud
0131MH600 manualoperating instructions 0131 Maho MH600.pdf (11.2 Mb)Charles
0132SK2501950manualmaho sk250 manual (incomplete) 0132-MAHOSK250-1.pdf (1.0 Mb) 
0201sk2501950manualmanual maho sk250 0201-MAHO PART 1.pdf (6.0 Mb) 
0083KM180 KM2001959manualbetriebsanleitung (33.0 Mb) 
Kovosvit MAS
0272MVC 500/750 manualmanual set MVC 500/750 0272-MCV_500_750_xxxx.pdf (3.5 Mb) 
00852b/f manualmanual (16.0 Mb)marc
0262  brochureMeteor slijpers brochure 0262-Meteor Brochure. (3.8 Mb)henk
0261KBS2004infopricelist usa 0261-KBS Price.pdf (0.1 Mb)den tukker
0088KBS 6 manualKBS instruction manual 0088-KBS Instruction Manual.pdf (0.3 Mb)Den Tukker
0263KBS 6 manualMeteor KBS 6 handleiding Nederlands Meteor KBS 6 handleiding Nederlands.pdf (1.0 Mb)henk
0045Ariston 300 manualinstructionbook 0045-ariston 300 manual.PDF (1.4 Mb)Den Tukker
0206  manualold monarch 0206 monarch old.pdf (12.3 Mb)John L
0172 1930infobulletin 127, 1930 installation - mainta monarch bulletin 127 1930.pdf (7.0 Mb)John L
0218  manualManual AA-BB-C-CK-CU-CY-EE-K-M-N-NN-W 0218-Monarch1toolroom_lathes.pdf (9.2 Mb) 
004710EE1965manualmonarch 10ee 1965 monarch1965.pdf (47.2 Mb)Bob Nisbet
004610EE1942manualmonarch 10ee 1942 monarch1942.pdf (15.8 Mb)Bob Nesbit
004810EE1948manualmonarch 10ee 1948 monarch 10ee 1948 man.pdf (1.4 Mb)Den Tukker
004910EE1948infomonarch 10ee 1948 packlist danish 10ee packlist.pdf (0.3 Mb)Den Tukker
005010EE1971brochuremonarch 10ee 1971 brochure part IV broch monarch71.pdf (8.6 Mb)Den Tukker
013010ee1966manualmonarch 10ee 1966 /monarch/0130-10ee 1966 manual/Monarch_operators_manual-PAGE2.jpg (3.4 Mb) 
021510EE1971brochureSales brochure Monarch 10EE 0215-Monarch_10EE_Info.pdf (1.4 Mb)pearl
021910ee brochure10ee sales leaflet 0219-10ee-sale-1.jpg (0.7 Mb) 
0217A partslistPartslist Model A 0217-Model A.pdf (0.4 Mb)yahoo groups
0120C1937manualmonarch c manual 6/37 monarch c manual.pdf (12.0 Mb)Den Tukker
0121C1937manualmonarch c bijur 1937 bijur 1937.pdf (1.7 Mb)Den Tukker
0122C1937partslistmonarch c partssheet 6/37 monarch c partssheet.pdf (5.2 Mb)Den Tukker
0123C1938infomonarch c taper attachment 8/38 monarch c taper attachment.pdf (0.5 Mb)Den Tukker
0125C1938infoaccessoires for monarch C lathes monarch-c-accessoires.pdf (22.3 Mb)Den Tukker
0126C infofeatures of monarch lathes monarch-c-features.pdf (17.4 Mb)Den Tukker
0124C1938brochuremonarch C sales brochure 0124 monarch c brochure.pdf (5.6 Mb)Den Tukker
0214C1930brochure1930 Advertisement model C 0214-1930_Advertisements_C.pdf (1.1 Mb) 
0216conehead1913brochureSales Literature 1913 0216-Early_Monarch_Sales_Literature.pdf (2.1 Mb)yahoo groups
0133ML 7 manualMyford ML 7 manual Myford ML7.pdf (3.1 Mb)ber
0134ML71997infopricelist parts 0134 Myford pricelist parts.pdf (0.6 Mb)ber
0089SUPER 7 manualMyford super 7 lathe myford-super7-lathe-[instructions]-ww.pdf (4.2 Mb) 
0090miller manualhandbook for the ... nichols miller NICHOLS-Mill.pdf (31.5 Mb) 
0376camshaft grinder manualnorton camshaftgrinder 0376-norton-camshaftgrinder.pdf (17.0 Mb)ruud
01711000 - 1050 manualreckermann1000-1050 manual 0171-reckermann1000-1050.pdf (0.7 Mb)Robert G
009116" shaper1981manualtechnical manual (US-army) rockfordarmy16shaper.pdf (1.5 Mb)metalworking dropbox
02983 manualrosa 3 bohrmaschine manual 0298-rosa-3-bohrmaschine-manual.pdf (2.0 Mb)jaap
0136850 manualRusnok 850 fixture mill 136-guidePg1 (2.4 Mb)Darell
00921021966manualSchaublin 12 manual 0092-Schaublin-102 1966.pdf (0.8 Mb)marc
01821022003infoschaublin 102 accessoires 2003 0182 102N_Accessoires 2003.pdf (1.1 Mb) 
01901021966brochurecatalogus Bladzijde 1.jpg (36.3 Mb)henny
0192102 manualBetriebsanweisung Schaublin 102 0192 Betriebsanweisung Schaublin 102.pdf (12.9 Mb)henny
0191102-801965manualanleitung schaublin 102-80 0191 Betriebsanweisung Schaublin 102-80.pdf (22.8 Mb)henny
0213102N-VM manual0213 102N-VM.pdf 0213 102N-VM.pdf (12.3 Mb) 
0312102N-VM23-2-1982manualSchaublin 102N-VM manual 0312 notice Schaublin 102N-VM.pdf (31.0 Mb)chipmaker
0181102vm1966manualschaublin 102vm Schaublin 102 VM full manual part 1 of 3.pdf (3.4 Mb)yahoogroups
0189102VM1969brochureFolder schaublin 102vm Schaublin 102VM folder031.jpg (136.0 Mb) 
0188102VM philips1966manualSchaublin 102VM philips 0188 Schaublin 102VM-Philips.pdf (23.5 Mb)henny
0195121963manualSchaublin 12 Fraesmaschine 0195 Schaublin 12 -1963.pdf (3.5 Mb)yahoogroups
03131225-11-1960manualSchaublin 12 instructions de service 0313-schaublin_12-manual-fr.pdf (3.0 Mb)chipmaker
0315131-6 1978manualinstruction de service Schaublin 13 0315-schaublin_13_modile_1978-fr.pdf (2.0 Mb)chipmaker
031613 toolingaccesoires schaublin 13 0316-accessoires_schaublin_13-fr.pdf (8.0 Mb)chipmaker
0318131956-1969manualinstruction de service Schaublin 13 56-6 0318-schaublin1359-69-fr.pdf (5.0 Mb)chipmaker
0317135 manualservice instructions Schaublin 135 0317-schaublin_135-en.pdf (3.0 Mb)chipmaker
0289701995brochureSchaublin 70 Katalog 1995 schaublin-70-Katalog-1995.pdf (3.0 Mb)martin
019370N1983manual0193 schaublin 70n 0193 schaublin 70n (4.2 Mb)yahoo groups
0319diviseur31-3-1960manualdiviseur universel pour Schaublin 13 0319-notice_du_diviseur_universel_pour_schaublin_13-fr.pdf (6.0 Mb)chipmaker
0183SV121952manualDrawings SV12 0183 Dessin d (1.3 Mb)yahoogroups
0301sv12 manualschaublin 0301-Schaublin.SV12.Manuel.Atelier.Allemand.pdf (16.0 Mb)schaublitz
0314SV12 brochuredocument commerciale Schaublin SV12 0314-doc_commerciale_schaublin_sv12-fr.pdf (8.0 Mb)chipmaker
0196SV52 brochureSchaublin sv52 Fraesmaschine (nicht komp pdf-set (4.3 Mb)yahoo groups
0194SV701956manualSV70Catalogc.pdf 0194 SV70Catalogc.pdf (3.4 Mb)yahoogroups
0002WU1970infoschuette sonderzubehoer 0002-schuette-sonderzubehoer-26-40.PDF (5.2 Mb)Den Tukker
0001WU2 WU3 WU4 mS1964infoarbeitsbeispiele fuer schuette 0001-arbeitsbeispiele fuer schuette I.PDF (6.8 Mb)den tukker
0307  manualLesto Blasi Cintra Scinta Scintilla 0307-Betriebsanleitung_Scinta.pdf (2.0 Mb) 
0373LESTO brochureuniversal praesizionsdrehbank 0373-lesto.pdf (13.0 Mb)Roland
0379lesto brochure0379-lesto-fr.pdf 0379-lesto-fr.pdf (13.0 Mb)roberto
00938" shaper1960manual Shaperite 8" shaper shape rite.pdf (25.0 Mb)don kinzer
0096horizontal no 01946partslistSheldon vernon No 0 SheldonVernon_No0_Mill.pdf (1.5 Mb)don kinzer
0094mill no 0 partslistsheldon horizontal mill no 0 Sheldon_No0_Mill.pdf (1.7 Mb)don kinzer
0095shaper partslistsheldon shapers SheldonShaper.pdf (2.3 Mb)don kinzer
0308DC 1021956manual0308-Simonet_DC102.pdf 0308-Simonet_DC102.pdf (2.0 Mb) 
Smart & Brown
00991024 partslistSmart & Brown 1024 partslist (7.7 Mb) 
00981024ss / cc manualSmart & Brown 1024 operating instr (3.3 Mb) 
0097sabel sab s manualSmart& Brown 9" lathe sabel (15.4 Mb)richard
0103 1947infoSouth Bend bulletin H6 SBinstallation_lathe.pdf (1.6 Mb) 
0102CL670Z1980manualCL 670Z army-lathe sbarmylathe.pdf (1.7 Mb) 
0101CS100 manualCS100 armyshaper sbarmy7shaper.pdf (0.7 Mb)don kinzer
0104SH4D manualsh4d waagerecht fraesmachine (4.4 Mb) 
0335SN40 SN501971 ?manualdrawings and schemes 0335-22020535-TOS-SN40-SN50.pdf (21.0 Mb)Nils
Van Norman
0345  toolingAttachments and Accessories for Van Norm 0345-Attachments and Accessories for Van Norman Universal Millers.pdf (2.0 Mb)bob
0346 1931toolingIndextable for Van Norman Dividing Heads 0346-Index_Table_for_VN_Dividing_Heads.pdf (1.0 Mb)bob
0354 1966toolingAttachments, Arbors & Accessories Price 0354-Van Norman Attachments, Arbors & Accessories Price List_Sept_1_1966.pdfbob
0355  tooling Attachments, Arbors and Accessories 0355-Van Norman Attachments, Arbors and Accessories.pdf (1.0 Mb)bob
0363  brochureramtype milling machines brochure 0363-Van Norman Ram Type Milling Machine Catalog.pdf (1.0 Mb)bob
0350 2R-3-28 and 2R-5-28 manualInstructions and Parts List.pdf 0350-Van Norman 2R-3-28 and 2R-5-28 Instructions and Parts List.pdf (3.0 Mb)bob
036412 manualno 12 instructions and partslist 0364-VanNorman no. 12 Manual.pdf (6.0 Mb)bob
0365121940brochureno 12 1940 brochure 0365-vanNorman_no12_1940_brochure.pdf (18.0 Mb)morstaper2
0348161947brochurepresenting the new no 16 van norman mill 0348-Van Norman no. 16 Brochure.pdf (1.0 Mb)bob
035616 L-M-S manualinstructions and Parts List 0356-Van Norman No. 16 -L-M-S Manual and Parts List.pdf (3.7 Mb)bob
03661R 1RQ1967manual1r-1rq military manual 0366-Van Norman 1R_1RQ Military Manual.pdf 
03572 medium brochureNo. 2 Medium Brochure 0357-Van Norman No. 2 Medium Horizontal Milling Machine Brochure.pdf (1.0 Mb)bob
034922L 22LU 22P 22PU toolinginnstructions and partslist 0349-Van Norman 22L, 22LU, 22P and 22PU Instructions and Part List.pdf (2.0 Mb)bob
035824L, M, LA, MA, MLA manualManual and Parts List 0358-Van Norman No. 24L, M, LA, MA, MLA and MH Manual and Parts List.pdf (5.0 Mb)bob
035924M brochure24M Brochure 0359-Van Norman No. 24M Brochure.pdf (1.0 Mb)bob
034726 36 manualInstallation Operation and Maintanance I 0347-VN 26_36 Installation and Operation Manual.pdf (4.0 Mb)machinistweb
036226 36 brochure26 and 36 brochure 0362-Van Norman Nos. 26 anc 36 Brochure.pdf (1.0 Mb)bob
03603 standard brochureno 3 standard brochure 0360-Van Norman No. 3 Standard Horizontal Milling Machine Brochure.pdfbob
036138 brochureno 38 brochure 0361-Van Norman No. 38 Brochure.pdfbob
0105HV6 manualvertex hv6 dividingtable vertex hv6.PDF (1.2 Mb) 
0106  infoWalter grinding techniek 0106-walter grinding techniek.pdf (2.3 Mb) 
01073564 00U manualWalter program setup walter-3564-00u grinding setup.pdf (3.8 Mb) 
0309 1975tooling0309-weiler katalog tools - gerade Seite 0309-weiler katalog tools - gerade Seiten.pdf (8.0 Mb) 
0057acc2006brochurezubehoer katalog (tooling catalog) 2006 Konventioneller_Zubeh_rkatalog_Stand_M_rz_06.pdf (0.7 Mb) 
0207acc1975infozubehoercatalog 1975 0205-LZ280-zubehoer1975.pdf (5.4 Mb) 
0056LZ220 brochureweiler salesbrochure WeilerSalesBrochure.pdf (1.7 Mb)martin
0055LZ220 LD220 manualbedienungsanleitung WeilerLZ220.pdf (1.7 Mb)martin
0051LZ280 manualanleitung LZ280 weiler lz280 manual dui.pdf (4.0 Mb)Den Tukker
0052LZ280 manualmanual Lz280 weiler lz280 manual dui.pdf (4.7 Mb)Den Tukker
0053LZ280 manualoperating instructions manual lz280 engels II.pdf (10.4 Mb) 
0054LZ300 manualbetriebsanleitung LZ300 Anleitung Weiler LZ300 SW.pdf (4.3 Mb) 
0208LZG 280 W infoabnameprotocol 0208-abnameprotocol lz280 (11.2 Mb) 
0300matador manualweiler matador operating instructions WM1even.pdf etc (55.0 Mb)Arthur
0259matador W + VS manualWeiler matador bedienungsanleitung 0259-Weiler Matador manual 1 of 3.pdf (9.4 Mb)Henk
0062  brochureproduct overview/salesbrochure Wohl_6003_UPA_Heads.pdf (3.9 Mb) 
0061  brochureUPA brochure / spare parts new 6001_UPA-duits.pdf (0.9 Mb) 
0060  brochureUPA brochure / spare parts new 6001_UPA-engels.pdf (0.7 Mb) 
0059UPA 1,2,3 manualUPA 1, 2 and 3 manual 0059-manual upa 1,2 en 3 (1.5 Mb)richard
0063UPA 1,2,31977manualUPA 1, 2 and 3 manual (old) 0063-upa3_small.pdf (2.7 Mb) 
0197UPA 1,2,3 manualbedienungsanleitung UPA 1- UPA 3 0197 manual upa 1-3 du.pdf (2.0 Mb)henny
0058UPA 4, 5, 6 manualoperating instructions 0058-UPA4Manual.pdf (0.6 Mb)richard