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This is my Weiler LZ 280 lathe. Formerly it was used in a hospital in the neighbourhood. My old lathe was a Weiler of the same type, but that one was used in an technical school. I found the second one at a machinetrader and could swap the lathes for a certain amount. Although it needed some cleaning, there was very little bedwear. The paint is stil original.
While oiling it the first time I accidentaly tore a seal apart. To replace it I dismantled the headstock.

weiler LZ280
weiler LZ280

headstock weiler lz280


Weiler LZ 280 S
- serialnr.head: 492
- serialnr.bed: 5491
- 48-1650 rpm variospeed

- brand: Continental
- size: 32/ 10*1180
- partnr: 39329/2

The upper and lower belt are the same size


- dia 280 mm over the slideways
- dia 140 mm over the crosslide
- between centers 800 mm
- tray dimensions 1600*460mm hight 1190mm

. mark: elektromotorenwerke Kaiser
. type: AD 24/8/4
. sn:371105
. 710/1430 U/min
. 0,75/1,5 PS
. 2,0/2,6A
. cosY: 0,61/0,86
. 50Hz


Quickrelease colletcloser with a full set of collets ranging from 1 to 20 mm, stepping 0.5 mm

lz280 colletcloser lz280 collets

Steady rest

vaste bril / steady rest

vaste bril / steady rest

Moving rest

moving rest / lopende bril


4 jaw chuck

spanplaat spanplaat

spanplaat 200 mm

spanplaat 200 mm  


handrest / handsteun  

3 jaw chuck

It is a genuine Weiler part.

weiler 3 klauw / 3 jaw chuck

The part indicated by the yellow 'A' is the safetycollar. This screw secures the chuck to the spindle. It's not standard included with each chuck.

weiler 3 klauw / 3 jaw chuck

Milling table

milling table / freessupport  

lathe dogs

lathe dog / meenemer  


indexplate / indexeerplaat  


toolpost / schuitjeshouder toolpost