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Weiler LZ 220


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2.400,-- euro ?

ebay ?
3 jaw chuck , DRO, collets, manual rest, change gears, faceplate
Van forum:

The thing is cute, not even 4 feet long (115 cm), but it can do it all. It comes with collet set, all change gears and a comprehensive documentation set of manual, machine card, acceptance protocol, plus the usual stuff of chucks, face plate, steady rest and a used never mounted DRO.
The machine is from a research facility and there is almost no wear and tear anywhere except on paint.
The thing is really to small to have as an only machine, but the collet set cliched it for me.
For my EMCO Maximat V13 a full collet set would be 1200 ¤ at Emco (yeah, right, who would buy there), exactly half of what I pay for the whole Weiler package.
Nevertheless, I have never seen one before. Why is that? It was built in 1973, thats not old for a Weiler. Is there a reason noone bought them?

Let me down slowly, right now I can`t wait to get it home and play.