Wall insulation

While the new floor was drying it was not possible to move the workbenches and the machines to their final location. This was an exellent opportunity to isolate the 110 mm bricks from the backwall.
Applied materials from outside to inside:
1 - 110 mm bricks
2 - 10 mm air (slightly ventilated with outside air)
3 - plastic foil (ventifol) keeps water out and lets waterdamp through
4 - 50 mm rockwool insulation
5 - plastic pvc-foil, not penetrable for moist and waterdamp
6 - 18 mm plywood, oak vineer on top
7 - transparent pu-laquer
The electric powerlines and pressured air conduits are mostly in the wall. The airlines on the inside of the insulation to avoid the risk of frozen water inside the tubes