#2 MAHO SK250
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This is the second Maho SK250. It was at a machinetrader at 10 km distance frome my home.

It has a better table, powerfeedmechanism, better headstockgearing and a head without a crack.

The beltcover from the #1 is mounted here.



Machine: MAHO Universal-Werkzeug-u.Gesenkfrasmaschine. SK250

Manufacturer: Prazisionsmechanik u. Maschinenbau Mayr, Hormann u. Cie., K.G. Pfronten-Steinach/Allgau

Machinenumber: 1553

Max. cutterdiam : The speed conversiontabel goes up to 90 mm diam


X-travel 380 mm (360 mm on scale)
Y travel 180 mm ?
Z travel knee 300 mm ?
Spindle 70 mm ?

1400 rpm 2,0 kW
700 rpm 1,2 kW

V-belt motor: Optibelt VB SC plus
type: B1440 Ld/17x1400 L1 B55

vertical spindle speeds:
1400,1060,800,710, 600,530,450,
400,335,300, 250,224,190,170,125,95

horizontal spindle speeds:


The powerfeed on the table has a lack of momentum. It can be stopped with one hand. To engage it the speedregulatingwheel has to be turned to the extreme left. So it seems that the variable speedcontrol is not in a good order.

There are steel pullies instead of aluminium pullies at the #1.

Final beltsection. It's a double belt with a belt tensioner pully near the top. Between the pullies there is a connection-spanningshaft. The system pivots around the little shaft just at the right side of the low pully. In this way the topslide can move backward and forward along the Y-axis with a constant belt-tension. Controllevers for the X-axis and Z-axis powerfeed.
This is the wheel to control the speed of the powerfeed. The on-off lever is missing at the right side. It's a continuous variable speed control. This is the gearbox that drives the powerfeed.