Grinding machine AI Hembrug U2

The Hembrug U2 tool and cuttergrinder is a very universal grinding machine. It was build as a tool grinder but it was also widely used for other grinding jobs. It's quite heavy for a toolgrinder (aprox 1000 kg.) this makes it very stable and versatile. There are a lot of optional tools and holders available.

The hembrug grinder is a copy from the Cincinatti #2 universal toolgrinder. After the second world war the production of guns and artillerie got down to a minimum and Hembrug needed other sources of income. The production of metalworking machines was expanded. In the showroom were lathes, grinders, shapers and mills. There was not a wide range of models, but within the models there were many changes. The production batches were relative small and this allowed Hembrug to include customer requests into the design.

The predesessor of the U2 was the U1. The main difference is that the crosslide is not on rollers. The U2 has rollers so it is possible to use a copying attachment. Special forms in milling tools can be ground and with a special setup it is possible to grind camshafts.

The relubrication of the spindle can be seen here


AI Hembrug U2 AI Hembrug U2 AI Hembrug U2
Standard equipment

Mounting spindles
- spindle extension left with rings
- spindle extension right with rings
- spindle extension left with conus
- spindle extension right with rings
- wheel collet

- wheel guard 6" open wide
- wheel guard 6"open small
- wheelguard 6" closed
- wheel guard 4 1/2" open
- supporting pin 4" for wheel guard
- supporting pin 6" for wheel guard
- supporting pin 8" for wheel guard
- supporting pin 10" for wheel guard
- clamping piece for wheel guard
Machine vice
- plain machinevice
- knee base (2x)
ai hembrug u2
Centre gage  
Clearance setting dial and dog  
- Right-hand footstock
- Left hand footstock
Diamond bracket  

- unviversel base
- plain toothrest
- adjustable toothrest

- adjustable tablestop right-hand
- adjustable tablestop left-hand
Special equipment  

Internal grinding attachment

Cylindrical grinding attachment hembrug u1 motordrive
Large universal workhead  
Small universal workhead  
Universal radius truing attachment  
Linear wheel truing attachment  
Positive helical grinding attachment  
Radius grinding attachment  
wheel collets for diamond wheels  
Backing off grinding attachment
Positive stop dogs with micro-adjustment