On top of the exaust is a basket in which the peaces of metal can be preheated. This basket can be swung sideways in order to open the lid or to peek in the hole.

After preheating a time above the exhaust the lower parts of the basket get glowing red hot. The pieces of aluminium get so heated that it starts melting and little drops of molten metal fall down on the lid befor all the metal in the crucible is molten.

Attention to prevent this dripping is neccesary because the hot molten metal drops can drip on the burner or even worse on the gashose when swung aside for a refill. For the construction of the holding post any piece of metal tube can be used. The basket hovers about 2" above the exhaust.

I payed attention to the following points:

- the holding post must not obstruct the opening of the lid. Just make sure and test it in various conditions.

- there must be a handle which doesn not obstruct the opening of the lid. The handle should not be above the exhaust when in turned away position because it is heated very fast and your protected weldinggloves are not good enough to protect you from this heat.

- The basket should be connected to the post in a secure way so it doesn't come off when the content is pulled out of the basket.

- place a cover or leakingtray unther the basket in its swung away position. In this manner some possible drips of melted metal won't damage anything underneat the basket.

In these pictures the basket hangs loose on a hook. This is not good becaus the basket can get of the hook when a piece of preheated metal is retracted from the basket. I modified the mounting system by clamping the basket with a screw to the holdingpost.