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The gas used is ordanary propanegas. It can be bought in every hardware shop. To refill the complete bottle is swapped. In the price of the refill there is also a part included for the bottlehire. This is related to the age of the bottle so if you get a younger one you have to pay, if you get an older one you get a refund

Standard bottle 11kg

The standard bottle has an content of 11 kg propane. When in use at full throttle the bottle cools down significant. The burner is burning slower in time. It shows when you shake the bottle, then you hear the burner getting louder. A bigger bottle or two coupled bottles will probably give a more steady result. The vapouring liquid can obtain the necessary heat better from a bigger surrounding surface. When the bottle gets empty this cooling proces has a bigger influence because there is less heat accumultated in the inside of the bottle.

A refill (swap) costst about 22,50 euro for 10,5 kg propane.

Standard bottle small 6kg

This model is to small for my burner, in a little time the gaspressure drops to much because of the cooling effect. A smaller burner can probably be fed with it.


The gasregulator can be regulated from 10 to 40 bar. When the oven is fired up the presure is at the lowest level. After igniting the flame I turn up the pressure to 40 in a few steps and each step I also open the airsupply a little more.