In the beginning I used a standard soldering burner this was a little smaller then a roofingburner. It was used in the small square oven. This burner use a natural airsupply but it was not very stable and went out very often.

After this I made a small burner according to examples I found on the internet. It had an natural airsupply.

Because the oven I made after the collapsing of the cube-oven was bigger than I thought I needed "More Power". Another model on the internet inspired me to the following model. It is a full blown side-arm burner. More information on the "sidearm-burner" can be found on the zoellerforge website



The burner is made of already present pieces of fittinggs and steel tubes. The airsupply can be regulated with a shove type regulator. The air is supplied by an old vacuum cleaner in blowing position.


The gas injectiontube is made of stainless steel. The front end was closed with a little pies of stainless rod. In this top a small hole from 1 mm dia was drilled. The stainless tube is hold in place by a brass clampingnut which is slightly clamped. The gassuply is regulated by a 10-40 bar regulator.


The burner is mounted to the oven in a holding-tube. This tube is welded to the outside of the oven. There is a bolt on one side that has to be used to manually fasten the burner in the holder.